Please use the stats that you see here with a grain of salt. The stats may be a little bit off since we use third party services to show you the data. Always double check.

As a small gratitude to these third party services we will mention them here: blockchain.info and bitcoinfees.earn.com
This website was made to help you trade or send BTC more efficiently with as low fees as possible.

. Fees

Please take a look at both, Current Mempool Size and Recomended fees. If the mempool size is under 1MB, there is a higher change that these recomended fees are too high. They are calculated not relating to the last mined block, but analysing the overall behaviour of BTC network.

Right now we are working to get Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) listed.

For any questions, requests or AD purchases please contact us at info.offerlibrary@gmail.com.

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